Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Allergy Insight

Blog post #482 of 365

I love the outdoors. Sitting on the porch in the afternoon breeze. Walking in the woods. Camping as a kid. Any lake, river, stream, brook or ocean and I can spend hours with the beauty and power there.

These allergies have taken that from me. Opening the door even without stepping outside can cause a coughing spasm that lasts all day. It can take my breath away where using the rescue inhaler seems pointless. One outing can ruin the entire week.

It seems my neighbors are on the worst mowing schedule as well. One mowing every day and some days so many neighbors I don't stand a chance of opening the door let alone venturing outside.

I miss outside. Sigh.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Educational Catch Twenty Two

Blog post #481 of 365

A young friend is in her final semester of school. She has put in numerous applications all of which have replied with she needs experience. She says I need a job to get experience to get a job but I need a job to get experience.

I told her to try an internship. They are usually unpaid slave labor but you get experience that can possibly translate into a position somewhere.

I had a similar experience as a young adult but back then they didn't require a degree for an entry level job. However before my time they had these wonderful things called apprenticeships. My grandfather told me about them. They were paid entry level jobs, that didn't require an education (well most didn't), where the job was meant to teach you the job. You learned as you went and gained a decent amount of experience and never had to attend college to continue doing the job. Education and experience at the same time, what a novel idea. No university debt, self reliance, and a real career. That was back in a time where people usually never changed careers. They say the average person changes two to three times. Probably because they chose what they were interested in and if they didn't like it they tried something else before investing very much time. Another novel idea!

So to recap. To make a decent living you must go to college and at some point be able to spend some time working for free to gain experience to go along with the over priced education to obtain a job you may never love nor get out from under the debt incurred... Makes me want to cry for every young person I know!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Things Done

Blog post #480 of 365

Every day, no matter what happens I always have to get something done. I could be dead dog sick, and I would still have to finish something. Even if it is a little thing like taking a shower, getting dressed or making a meal. Every day I usually have a list and yet for the past few days the list has been cut down to the most minimum. I have gotten up, taken a shower, made meals, and not much else. Stupid headache. And no I do not have migraines.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Blog post #478 of 365

This headache is still lingering. No I don't have migraines but thanks for thinking of me. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Have A Nice Day

Blog post #477 of 365

This post just isn't gonna happen. Major headache, long story, have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Computer Updates

Blog post #476 of 365

Computer updates are maddening. My computer gives me a little warning then has a 10 minute countdown to finish or save what I am working on before it just restarts. If I'm not paying attention or have more than one window going sometimes I don't see these restarts coming until it is almost too late. They are sometimes very counter productive to my day.

Then there are the other computer updates. Like when an entire site goes down for updates. Usually there is no warning for those. You could be in the middle of a conversation of difficult project and have the site go down ending whatever you were working on or the converstaion.

Oh and my favorite updates on sites I pay bills. For instance one company has sent random bills which were not owed but were cleared up by supplying information but the computer has yet to update and have my actual bill because apparently it goes through several hands before the computer actually knows what I owe. I can't even make a telephone payment or mail anything off because I do not know the actual amount to pay. All very frustrating!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day

Blog post #475 of 365

Happy saint Patrick's day.

That being said how did a religious holiday celebration of the patron Ireland become a reason for almost an entire country to go a little crazy? I mean they die rivers, beer and about anything else they can think of green. Many people use the day as a reason to get drunk in honor of what exactly? Are they Catholic or Irish even? Okay the holiday was adopted by other Christian religions but I wonder how many people even have a clue why we celebrate Saint Patrick.

When I was a kid our classrooms were decorated with shamrocks and rainbows with pots of gold at the end. I remember getting pinched if I forgot to wear green. (A really bad tradition that I hope schools would no longer allow.) In all of those years only one teacher gave us a lesson on Ireland one week around the holiday. She spoke of proud Irish traditions, the blarney stone and politics. As a culmination at the end of the week she wore traditional Irish clothing and brought in Irish soda bread. Even today I believe I would enjoy taking a tour of Ireland because of her lessons.

As I watch the news and TV programs today I don't understand the festivities. Saint Patrick's day is about a religious feast honoring the patron Saint of Ireland on the day of his passing. It is a Christian holiday celebrating the arrival of Christianity into Ireland and Ireland in general. And although I am not Irish, I am Christian and do honor the Irish with a feast of corned beef and cabbage, probably because of that one teacher so many years ago. I am a little confused about the rest of the country though.